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Competition for the postdoc position in Prof. Michał Oszmaniec's project

Project position: Postdoc / quantum software engineer
Scientific discipline: Computer Science / Physics / Mathematics
Type of job (employment contract / stipend): Full-time contract
Number of job offers: 1
Net salary: 12000-15000 PLN/month - depending on experience
Position starts from: 01.02.2022 (start date flexible)
Maximum contract period: 12 months - with possibility of extension
Institution: Center for Theoretical Physics PAN
Project manager: Dr. Michał Oszmaniec (prof. CTP PAS)
Project title: National supercomputing infrastructure for EuroHPC - EuroHPC PL

Project description:

The main goal of the project is to develop a comprehensive library for characterisation, certification and mitigation of errors on quantum computers of the near future (including IBM quantum computer prototypes). We will design modules for efficient characterisation and error mitigation on these devices. We will take advantage of the latest research in quantum computing, while being compatible with the Qiskit environment (in particular Qisqit Terra and Ignis). The performance of the resulting methods will be tested on paradigmatic quantum algorithms and quantum tasks performed on real quantum hardware.
The project is part of a larger initiative aimed at providing access to quantum computers to industry and the scientific community in Poland. Effective characterization and error mitigation schemes will allow exploiting the full potential of noisy and imperfect quantum computers both for research purposes and for potential practical applications such as quantum chemistry or combinatorial optimization problems.

Key responsibilities include:

- Conduct research on currently available methods for characterization and error mitigation on NISQ devices
- Develop software for characterization and error mitigation on NISQ devices
- Create visualization packages for error reduction and characterization
- Design proof-of-principle experiments to test developed software
- Produce progress reports and project documentation
- Integrate with Qiskit and other quantum programming environments

Candidate profile/requirements:

- PhD (at start of work) in quantum information, quantum computing, mathematics, computer science or related fields
- Strong publication record in relevant discipline
- Knowledge of the fundamentals of quantum computing, especially with the NISQ paradigm, quantum open systems, generalized quantum measurements
- Flexibility to work on different aspects of quantum software
- Programming experience (C ++, Python or Matlab),
- Experience in programming in quantum programming environments (e.g.Qiskit, Circ, Panylane)

Required Documents:

- Curriculum vitae.
- Research record with list of publications, development, research, and programming projects.
- PDF files of up to five of the candidate's most important publications.
- List of lectures delivered at conferences and workshops and list of academic awards.
- Cover letter.
- Name and contact details (email address) of at least one experienced academic who can write a letter of recommendation for the candidate (it is expected that the candidate will be contacted and asked to send an email letter to The letter should be sent before the deadline).

We offer:

- Full-time employment for one year with the possibility of further extensions (up to a maximum of 2.5 years).
Work in a friendly and energetic environment of quantum computer enthusiasts (group website:
- Access to prototypes of quantum processors

Please send the above documents to the e-mail address:
Please write NTQC Software Engineerin the email title

Application deadline: 12:00 Polish time 15.12.2021

An interview is expected.
The Recruitment Committee reserves the right to invite only pre-selected candidates for interviews.

In accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, we also require that the candidate agrees to the processing by Center for Theoretical Physics of his/her personal data necessary for the recruitment process.

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Administratorem danych jest Minister Cyfryzacji, mający siedzibę w Warszawie (00-060) przy ul. Królewskiej 27.
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Biuro Prezesa Urzędu Ochrony Danych Osobowych (PUODO)
Adres: Stawki 2, 00-193 Warszawa
Telefon: 22 860 70 86
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